From Under the Radar Magazine First off, let’s talk a little about the music here. Guitarist Scott McCloud brings gigantic riffs reminiscent more of Kingface (the band of Sullivan’s brother, Mark Sullivan), later Scream, or even ’90s/’00s “desert rock” such as Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and their various offshoots, perhaps also showing off the Dischord roster’s long-time obsession (ahem) with pioneering DC stoner metal group The Obsessed. Sullivan’s vocals are markedly different from their older records, too, but just as powerful. In addition to all this, as a long-time activist, he has written incredible, politically- and socially-minded lyrics that hold nothing back and are unafraid of controversial subject matter that question official historical narratives, ranging from the self-explanatory “Reconstruction” (about the period in American History directly following the Civil War) to “70’s Heroes” (about the M.O.V.E. organization) and “Walker” (about John Walker Lindh, whom Steve Earle also wrote a quite controversial song about 20 years ago). No matter your feelings on these topics, these lyrics will make you think and that is appreciated greatly. The fearlessness, passion, intensity, integrity, and drive just bleed through the grooves here, but this isn’t just Sullivan’s show. The band, anchored by Johnny Temple (one of punk’s finest bassists)—only occasionally going into territory similar to catchy late ’80s bass riffs like the one on “Name in Mind”—as well as McCloud and drummer Alexis Fleisig, proves the value of playing together for 35 years now since Temple joined Soulside to replace future Ignition bassist (and Fury vocalist along with Circus Lupus singer/guitarist Chris Thomson), as tight as they ever were. No wonder this sounds so good! Between this and the great Hammered Hulls LP released around the same time, Dischord has issued two of the finest albums of the year, not just in the post-hardcore genre, but overall as well. (

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