FROM BURMA!! crust punk on the svab czech label. Many thanks. 1. GENOCIDE 02:15 2. PUNK AGAINST SWEATSHOPS 02:17 lyrics buy track 3. FOOD NOT BOMBS 03:00 4. WOMEN AT THE FRONT 02:05 5. MY BUDDHA IS PUNK 03:55 6. ONE DAY 03:47 7. FREEDOM 01:38 8. DESTRUCTION OF HUMANITY 02:41 9. A.C.A.B 03:11 10. LET'S FIGHT 03:01 11. ABOLISH MILITARY SLAVE EDUCATION 01:33 12. THE NIGHT WILL NOT BE SILENCED 03:18 about There are a total of 12 songs in the album. There was a slight delay for album cover print and lyrics poster since printing shops are frightened to be affiliated with political issues during this time. A helping hand from a friend has made this possible. This album is very important for our band because of the difficulties we faced during the progress of this album. We have been actively making music since 2007 until now,2021, and this album is our fourth release. We put so much energy and feeling and a different creative approach is portrayed. We have support from our punk friends and other fields of artists in the creation of this album. Also, We intend to release this album at the time and to donate the benefits of this album where people in need. In Solidarity Rebel Riot! credits released August 1, 2021

150,00 Kč