The album was written and recorded between 2020 and 2022, with Marshall working on the album during commutes between London and Liverpool, where he has residences. He had moved to Liverpool with his partner Charlotte Patmore after she gave birth to their child. During the commutes, Marshall became "fascinated by the notion of 'the space between'", which became the album's theme, along with a "narrative of lost connection" and "losing people and situations to the guillotine of the universe". The songs contain a balance of negative and positive space. Marshall wrote most of the lyrics himself, after which he worked on the music with producer Dilip Harris and his live band, saxophonist Ignacio Salvadores, drummer George Bass, bassist James Wilson and guitarist Jack Towell. A return to Indy rock. Not knowing everything about Mr Krule, this sounds like "I dont really care what you think about my music" music. Which is fine, but sometimes it gets too low fi ish minimal in a bad way. Until I repeat to myself that he doesnt care and its fine what he is doing. That is to say that not every song is a winner but there is enough there to explore and get into the music AND the lyrics to see what the band is doing and what Mr Krule (yes I know that is not his name, but I like calling him that) is saying. Yes a tour happened for this album. If you missed it, you ought to be ashamed. 

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