Novy 10/2022

Lightwork is nothing like the hyper-pop of Addicted!, nor anything else he’s done. By and large, this is Devin doing indie rock. He sneaks in a few heavier chords or screams here and there, and “Dimensions” is a brief return to the fold, but overall, light simple and poppy is what was promised and it is exactly what was delivered. The pacing is firmly locked in place, the drums content with variations on basic kick-snare-kick-snare rhythms. An abundance of choral arrangements and sparkly layers of synths add a gospel-like flavor, with Devin’s own soaring operatic vocals the central focus,

Please listen to this record and get in touch with me about buying it it you are interested. I would really like to sell this LP and am willing to give a nice discount. Please get in touch if interested. NICE DISCONT. 

850,00 Kč