Surgeon - Force and Form (re release)

Zpet v obchodu. Back in the store on LP

1. Remnants Of What Once Was 09:51

2. Black Jackal Throwbacks 11:45  

3. Returning To The Purity of Current 08:22

4. At The Heart Of It All 10:43

Tresor Records is fortunate enough to be sitting on a catalogue of past releases that no other label in electronic music would turn down. Three of the finest in this collection were contributed by Surgeon “Basictonalvocabulary”, “Balance” and “Force + Form”, which all came out between 1997 and 1999. Surgeon’s inimitable combination of Detroit techno and post-industrial sounds emanating from his British homeland found its fullest expression in these masterful trio of releases. Following the release of Surgeon's first album in 5 years "Crash Recoil" earlier in 2023, Tresor Records have decided that it is high time to give these seminal albums another airing.

credits Re released April 28, 2023 Original 1999 Written and produced by Anthony Child. Copyright control.

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