Transaction de Novo was released on February 10, 1998, on Trance Syndicate Records. Zpet / Back in store Reception Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating AllMusic Pitchfork Media 9.6/10 Tiny Mix Tapes AllMusic wrote: "It's hard to imagine the group perfecting this sound much further." The album received a near perfect 9.6/10 score from Pitchfork Media, with the reviewer stating that "over the course of a couple of albums and EPs, Dallas' Bedhead have delivered some of the most lush, gorgeous guitar music of this, or any other decade... One gets to wondering if these people have ever played a bum note, let alone a dud song. Bedhead will make you feel more at peace with yourself. Love them accordingly."The album received a perfect 5/5 score from Tiny Mix Tapes, with the reviewer saying the album "is definitely Bedhead's most earnest release. There is much less distortion and instrumental chaos and more emphasis on concentrated song structures with plaintive, hummable melodies. Despite...extremely minute imperfections, Transaction De Novo proves itself to be one of the most intimate and lush albums ever to grace indie ears. It acts as the album that crowns Bedhead's reign as kings and founders of slowcore." 1. "Exhume" 4:18 2. "More Than Ever" 4:19 3. "Parade" 4:50 4. "Half-Thought" 3:34 5. "Extramundane" 3:05 6. "Forgetting" 3:41 7. "Lepidoptera" 3:04 8. "Psychosomatica" 3:16 9. "The Present" 7:00 Total length: 37:00

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