Tweez is the debut studio album by American rock band Slint and the only studio recording released before their disbandment. It was originally released on the label Jennifer Hartman Records in 1989 as the only record put out by the label, which was run by their friend, Jennifer Hartman. It is the only Slint album to feature bassist Ethan Buckler. The album was reissued by Touch and Go Records in 1993 after the group's follow-up, Spiderland, began to generate a cult following. Tweez was recorded at Studiomedia in Evanston, Illinois, and was produced by Steve Albini. All of the album's song titles are taken from the names of the band members' parents, with the exception of "Rhoda", which was named after drummer Britt Walford's dog: "Ron" and "Charlotte" are named for Walford's parents, "Nan Ding" and "Darlene" for guitarist David Pajo's, "Carol" and "Kent" for guitarist and vocalist Brian McMahan's and "Warren" and "Pat" for those of bassist Ethan Buckler. On the vinyl version of the album, the individual sides of the record are labelled and given in the track listing as "Bemis" and "Gerber". This is not spiderland. But Slint is Slint. You should get it while you can. Pass it on to your grand kids. Dont be silly and say you want an original. Those will be expensive. In 20 years you will be sorry you didnt get this edition. 

TG 138-1
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