This guy and these guys never quit. I think they will still be playing music after they die and go to the grave. No, its not Bob Dylan and the band (though I think the anecdote also fits that giant), but Beat Man from Switzerland. And the band. Another collection of trash blues from the land of cows and clocks. The Monsters were formed in 1986 in Bern of Switzerland, as an alternative to the popular music of the time (e.g. disco, pop, top 40 rock). They called this "Teenage Primitive Rock n' Roll Chainsaw Massacre Garage Trash Mix up Rockabilly with Punkrock and Garage" and have become a sought after garage punk rock band, playing festivals, clubs and large halls as far east as Japan, as far south as Brazil and as far north as Scandinavia. Even in the Wild West like New York City in America. And then 2020 opens the doors, YAHOO!!! The world was completely shut down and everyone's plans changed! Since there would be no touring in the near future, now was the time to make a new album. So the band dedicated two weeks to clean up their rehearsal room and write new music, and 3 days in Bern's Shirt Off studio to record it. Voila! Here you have Rosemary's Baby taking the stick out of the bag: 13 raw, loud and tangy sounding tracks recorded live without overdubs (only the vocals/shouting'). Lyrically, the album is a complete disaster with not much more than 120 words which, strung together, make no sense at most! It's actually complete nonsense, but THE MONSTERS love it!

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