Back in stock. Repeater is often regarded as a definitive album for the band and a landmark of rock music. It has been described as an "angrier American update of Gang of Four's Solid Gold." It has also been noted for its complex interplay of guitar and rhythm section. It is included in the book 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die.

The album cover was based on a photo by Jim Saah. The album's subject matter addresses a wide variety of themes such as greed, violence, sexuality, privacy, drug abuse and death. MacKaye told Guitar World that the album title "is loaded on so many levels. It's actually about how things in life repeat over and over. But the title is also a rather obscure nod to The Beatles' Revolver. A record revolves and it also repeats. A revolver is also a gun, and so is a repeater. The title track is about kids repeatedly shooting each other and references the crack cocaine-related violence in Washington, D.C. in the 1980s Repeater went on to sell 500 000 copies according to Dischord. 

1. "Turnover" Picciotto 4:16 2. "Repeater" MacKaye 3:01 3. "Brendan #1" 2:32 4. "Merchandise" MacKaye 2:59 5. "Blueprint" Picciotto 3:52 6. "Sieve-Fisted Find" Picciotto 3:24 7. "Greed" MacKaye/Picciotto 1:47 8. "Two Beats Off" Picciotto 3:28 9. "Styrofoam" MacKaye 2:34 10. "Reprovisional" Picciotto 2:18 11. "Shut the Door"

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