Slint, "Spiderland" is one of the most important and beautiful albums ever made. I mean of all genres. I can give you articles or a documentary of why it was so important, but understand whatever they say or you think, it is. That is a fact above and beyond what any reviewer says. Even on first hearing it, you may scratch your head and wonder what the fuss is about, but understand it here or upon second or third listening that the power of that album and the lyrics and music is on the level of any great poet/poetry you can learn in classics class. And the music: simple, minimalistic mirrors the text. When text and music come together as they do not so often in history, but have here on Spiderland, the word "masterpiece" can not be denied. Here is another paragraph about the album from Wikipaedia. The album has been re released on 180 g vinyl and maybe has some extras inside, I forget. I have several copies available. I hope it will be more available now, but who knows. Spiderland is the second and final studio album by the American rock band Slint. It contains six songs played over 40 minutes, and was released by Touch and Go Records on March 27, 1991. Slint's lineup at the time of recording comprised Brian McMahan on vocals and guitar, David Pajo on guitar, Todd Brashear on bass guitar and Britt Walford on drums. Spiderland was engineered by Brian Paulson and recorded over four days in August 1990. The music and vocal melodies were composed throughout the summer of 1990, while lyrics were written in-studio.

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