The epitomy of stoner rock. If Kyuss or St Vitus or even Black Sabbath are considered the birthers of stoner rock, Sleep s "dopesmoker" is the first child and probably the strongest of them all. This is the definition of stoner rock. One song lasting 60 minutes. Not to deny that there hasnt been great stuff since, BUt... this is the first magnum opus of stoner rock and I dont think has been beaten. This is the benchmark.
The Double LP surprisingly took a long time to be released officially and if my memory is correct was never actually officially released until southern Lord put it out in like 2015 or thereafter. There was another version, but that was a worse quality kind of bootleg. Also the Southern Lord version is long sold out too. Although it is still available on CDG. Youll have to lower your standards and get the CDG. Unless you want to pay top dollar for the 2LP. I could be wrong. But I am not wrong that this is THE stoner rock album.

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