Hamada is the word used by the Saharawi people to describe the rocky desert landscape along the Algerian/Western Saharan frontier where tens of thousands of their people are stranded in purgatorial refugee camps. “For me, Abbar el Hamada (Across the Hamada) is a title that synthesizes our destiny as a country over the last 40 years”, Aziza explains. “We are suffering an injustice that condemns us to try and survive in an environment as inhospitable as the Hamada.”

When recently asked how she would best describe her musical mission and methods, Aziza’s reply was like her music; revealing and beautifully stated: “I’m not able to separate politics, cultural and personal concerns. So, the focus of my music is all of these areas at the same time. Political, because of its commitment to the denunciation of social injustice. Cultural, because it searches for new musical ideas. Personal, because it expresses the worries of a person that aspires to live with dignity in a better world.”

Innovation, naked truth, humility and political outcry: these are the raw materials of Aziza Brahim’s ever expanding musical vision. On her new album, Abbar el Hamada she fuses and fashions these elements into an unforgettable work that is both deeply inspired and deeply inspiring.

released March 4, 2016

Aziza Brahim: Vocals, Tabal, Backing Vocals, Esgarit
Badra Abdallahi: Backing Vocals
Guillen Aguilar: Bass Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Mandola and Electric Guitar on “Calles de Dajla”, ”El canto de la arena” and “Buscando la Paz”
Kalilou Sangare: Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Ignasi Cussó: Spanish and Electric Guitar
Aleix Tobias: Percussions and Drums
Sengane Ngom: Sabar, Tama, Djembe

With special guests:
Samba Touré: Electric Guitar (“Mani”)
Xavi Lozano: Flute/Mohoceño (”El canto de la arena”)
Chris Eckman: Organ (”El wad”)

550,00 Kč